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Community Service

Opportunities will be posted here and will be in announcements.
Community Service
VIP Program
“Very Involved People”

You are invited to participate in the community service program. This “VIP” program will continue throughout your years as a student attending Saint Hubert Catholic High School for Girls.

Our hope is that while serving others:
  • You will be involved in self-discovery
  • Your horizons will be broadened
  • You will gain a variety of experiences
  • You will grow in a sense of responsibility and commitment
Service is helping someone in need. It is something you volunteer to do. It is:
  • A service without pay
  • Performed in a spirit of Christian love
  • Answering the need of others
  • Done either by yourself or with a group
It is the responsibility of the student under the direction of her parent/guardian to find service
that is worthwhile. There are many opportunities in your school, parish, and community, such as walks, helping others, and joining projects. As needs arise for various service projects, they will be announced and posted in school and on the school’s website under “Community Service Requests.


Christian Service Program Guidelines

1. Students are to perform a minimum of 6 hours of Christian service each year. The goal of each student should be a minimum of 24 hours of Christian service before graduation. Students are expected to remain faithful to service commitments such as tutoring a specific elementary school student until the end of the semester, coaching a team until the season ends, or assisting in the CCD program for the entire year of instruction. If your supervisor/advisor feels as though you have NOT completed the requirements, then the service will NOT count. During this
implementation year (2004-05), Seniors can do all 24 hours this year; Juniors 12 hours each year; and Sophomores can do 8 hours each year for the next three years.

2. It is recommended that students return to their parishes to perform service. Students may also volunteer with an organization that provides service to the community or school. Service cannot be a requirement of a school activity or club to which you belong.

3. Service can be done all year long. This means that service can be done throughout the
Summer. However, in order to facilitate record keeping and verification, the forms will only be
collected at the following times, which is basically March 31st of each school year:
  • Freshman Year: October 1 to March 31 of Freshman Year
  • Sophomore Year: April 1 of Freshman Year to March 31 of Soph. Year
  • Junior Year: April 1 of Soph. Year to March 31 of Junior Year
  • Senior Year: April 1 of Junior Year to March 31 of Senior Year
4. VIP Form:

Complete the VIP form indicating the name, type, description, and hours of the service for
each service that is completed. The signature of the adult in charge of the program is mandatory
for the service to count. Place the completed VIP form in the VIP files during your lunch period in the Office of Student Affairs.

5. Keep a portfolio of your service. This will benefit you as you begin your college application

6. The following acknowledgements should occur:

Each year you will receive a certificate indicating 6 hours of service has been completed.
During Senior Year and after 24 hours of completed service, you will receive a pin.
At the end of 4 years, the number of hours of service completed by you will be recorded on your permanent record card.

7. Organizations and parishes frequently request our students’ help. As these come in, they will be posted throughout school, in the Student Affairs Office, and on the school’s website under
“Community Service Requests.”


Click here to download the VIP form