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Clubs & Activities » Bambies United (Multi-cultural Club)

Bambies United (Multi-cultural Club)

This is a new club and it is welcome to anyone who would like to learn about different cultures and ethnicitiesIt's about respecting & accepting our differences by exploring and celebrating the rich culture of each individual.

     ( Multi-cultural Club)  


Corinthians 12:12-27
One Body but Many Parts 
12 There is one body, but it has many parts.
But all its many parts make up one body.
It is the same with Christ.
Be Inspired ... Be Great ... Be a Leader...B.U. 


The Month of November is  β€“ Native American Heritage Month 

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National Native American Heritage Month is an annual designation observed in November. During this time, we celebrate the diverse and rich culture, history, and traditions of Native people. It’s also a time to educate anyone and everyone about the different tribes, and to raise awareness about the struggles native people have faced in the past as well as the present. American Indian pictures, words, names, and stories are a crucial part of American history, and help mold our life today.

Thousands of years before Christopher Columbus and his crews landed their ships in the Bahamas, the Native Americans had discovered America and founded their lives and communities there. Native American history overflows with a variety of diverse groups and prominent leaders and figures like Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Sacagawea, and Pocahontas. Native Americans were always known for hard work and quick instinct. Today, there are about 4.5 million Native Americans in the United States, making about 1.5 percent of our population. Take some time to learn about and celebrate their culture this month.