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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

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Clubs & Activities

Art Club

The art club meets once a month to explore art and craft ideas and projects, often with a seasonal or holiday theme. Students need not take art classes to be part of the art club, and need not come to every meeting to participate in the activities. Twice a year, the club participates in an art related service activity.
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AHA - Athletes Helping Athletes

Athletes Helping Athletes, Inc. exists to better the life of the special needs athlete by:
  • Providing awareness and community support for the special needs athlete through inclusion in local school athletic functions by serving as Honorary Team Captains at the home games for our participating teams.
  • Offering other extra-curricular events and activities that provide opportunities for athletes of all abilities and coaches to come together while sharing athletic experiences and a love for sport while developing compassion and mutual respect AND HAVING SOME FUN!
Athletic Association
Students serve as supporters of the various athletic teams. Duties include: promoting sports via posters, announcements, awards, and participation; helping with equipment and uniform distribution; and coordinating the annual awards banquet.
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Bambie Ambassador
The school ambassadors are the external representatives of the school. Nominated by faculty, the girls serve at various events inside and outside of school.
Our club is welcome to anyone who would like to learn about different cultures and ethnicities.
It's about respecting & accepting our differences by exploring and celebrating the rich culture of each individual
Meetings will be held on: Thursday's Rm. 9 / 2:30 - 3:30 pm 
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Calling Echo (Print Yearbook)

All students are welcome to join the yearbook staff. Working on this annual publication gives students the opportunity to create a photographic and written history of the school year. Many skills, such as writing, typing, proofreading, and photography are needed. The cost of the yearbook is included the student activity fee.  
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Down-to-Earth Club

Open to all students committed to protecting and helping the Earth's environment, this club specializes in promoting, planning, organizing, and completing various events to promote conserving the Earth's natural resources. Some of their events are recycling papers and bottles and cans; Earth Day awareness; and daily conservation efforts.
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Drama Club

This activity is for students who have some background in theater. The club will be selected in January and will meet at least once per week to study theater, dramatic presentation and, to ultimately, perform on stage in late May as part of the Fine Arts Festival. The fee for membership is $80 for the 15-week session.
Echoings (Literary/Art Annual Magazine)

The desire to be a contributing member is the only criteria for acceptance to the Echoings staff. Talents of both literary and technical minds are needed to complete the writing, photography, art, proofreading and lay-outs to continue our award winning publication. During November, December and January, the staff meets daily after school; at other times, as often as is necessary. The cost of the literary magazine is included in the school fee.
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Any student who enjoys singing and who is eager to learn the proper use of her voice may join. Members are required to attend practice sessions after school during the week. The Chorus performs in the Christmas Show, Spring Musicale, as well as at other school and community functions. Chorus is considered an extracurricular activity. A fee of $80 is required.

Fall Musical

St. Hubert presents a fall musical each year. Through an audition process, a cast is chosen. Students may participate as actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stage crew, and scenery design and construction. The goal is to expose the students to a professional level of theater. Students are required to pay an $80 fee and purchase/sell $100 worth of ads for the Musical Program. DVDs and T-shirts can be purchased at an extra cost.

Handbell Choir

Any student wishing to learn how to play hand bells may participate. Members are required to attend weekly practices and perform at several functions during the school year. A $80 fee is required.


In addition to the Catholic League sports, the Athletic Department also sponsors intramural competitions. Intramural offerings are always based upon the number of students willing to participate, moderator availability, and field or court availability. The intramural sports offered  include flag football, badminton, volleyball

Mathletes Club

Seniors and juniors who like math and who attain above-average marks in the subject are eligible. From November through April, members compete once a month at various schools throughout the archdiocese. Practice sessions are held weekly after school. Freshmen and sophomores compete in an in-school mathematics league known as JV Mathletes. A fee of $30.00 is required for seniors and juniors.

National Honor Society

Juniors and seniors are selected on their academic accomplishments and their proven leadership, character, and service qualities. Members provide tutorial services for classmates, assist the faculty, and sponsor the annual Celebration of Service held in the Spring.


Any student who wishes to learn an orchestral instrument and develop her musical ability may join the orchestra and instrumental ensembles. Members perform as a group and develop those skills necessary for ensemble performances. Members are required to participate in all public performances and to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Prior to a public performance, it is often necessary to have three extra rehearsals. Orchestra members receive weekly instrument lessons by professional musicians. The orchestra performs in the Christmas Show, Spring Musicale, graduation and many other school functions. A fee of $120 is required.


Any student interested in learning how to build robots based upon engineering technology is invited to join. This team meets regularly and participates in a number of competitions each year.  It frequently coordinates its efforts with the Father Judge Robotic Team.  The fee for Robotics is $100.    

Stage Crew

Those interested in the technical aspects of drama, such as lighting, sound, or scenery, may join. This group supplies various technical assistance to anyone using the auditorium for drama performances or special assemblies.  The stage crew is part of both the fall musical and spring drama.  They are expected to attend rehearsals and performances. The fee is $40 which includes a "Stage Crew" t-shirt.  

Student Council

Elected by the student body, members of student council are the official representatives of the student body and the liaisons between the administration and the students.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is a group dedicated to helping students avoid decisions leading to dangerous consequences. Throughout this school year, the SADD club has put together projects and hung posters around our school to remind our peers of the harsh consequences created from bad decisions.

Tally-Ho Newspaper

Any girl interested in Journalism is invited to join the school newspaper staff. Varied talents are needed to publish the four major editions of the paper including reporters, layout specialists, and editors. Weekly meetings are held after school. Although some of the work is done in school, much of it is done independently. The cost of the school newspaper is included in the school fee.

Please check our Student Handbook for more information here: Student Handbook.