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About Us » St. Hubert Safety Protocols

St. Hubert Safety Protocols

At St. Hubert, the safety of our students, and school community is of the utmost importance.

Here is a little bit about our Security Officer!


JOHN ADELSBERGER - Security Officer 
John is a Northeast Philadelphia native with almost 40 years of Law Enforcement and Security experience.  He is a former Lower Merion Township Police officer and former Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service.  John has a Bachelors of Science. in Criminal Justice from West Chester University and attended Graduate School at St. Joseph's University. He has graduated from 3 Police & Federal Law Enforcement Academicis and trained Police in 8 foreign countries.  John is completing his second Academic year at St. Hubert's.  

John AdelsbergerThe following is a list of the different types of safety protocols we currently have in place.


  • Our Core Safety Team includes
- Principal
- Principal of Student Services
- Principal of Academics
- Maintenance Supervisor
- School Nurse
- Faculty Recorder
- Attendance
- Technology Assistant
- Guidance Director
- Cafeteria Manager
- Office Manager
  • Entrance
- Front door for visitors must be buzzed in and show ID
  • Staffing
- Dismissal security – Security Guard (in contact with the local law enforcement)
- Event security - Security Guard (in contact with the local law enforcement)
  • Camera surveillance
- Inside cameras: 54
- Outside cameras: 19 (all with appropriate lighting)
  • Relationship with local police
- Check-ins regularly throughout the week
  • Handheld Radios throughout the building
  • Regular Drills for Fire & Evacuations, External Lock Down, Shelter in Place
  • Telephones in each classroom for communications
  • Safety trainings for all appropriate personnel & coaches
  • Communications from school include a telephone message that can go out to all parents and emergency text messaging
  • Safety protocols now in place:
- New electric gates securing the parking lot
- Gated courtyard with swipe card access
- Front entrance will have a vestibule that will secure the inside steps and allow for increased safety for the building
- Interior doors will have new door locks installed