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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the secondary schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for 2018-19 is $7,550 for Catholic students and $7,800 for non-Catholic students. Families with three or more students in an Archdiocesan high school pay two full tuitions. The family rate does not apply to students in parish schools or in private high schools.
In addition to tuition, the school has the following fees: 
School Fee - $825 is applied in June to your FACTS Tuition account.
This fee covers a variety of school services: technology, tests, labs, Calling Echo (yearbook), religious and cultural programs, locker rental, student handbooks, student insurance & ID cards.
The cost of mailing: course selection booklets, newsletters and Theology textbooks, which cannot be purchased with funds provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
A consumable English workbook is also included. 
Athletic Fee:    $210 for the first sport -- $160 for the second sport -- $135 for a third sport
Music/Art Academy: $125 (one time fee for members of Art, Orchestra, Chorus, Hand Bell Choir, Theater, and/or Drama)
Mathletes:                 $30
Robotics:                  $125
Dance Club:              $80
AP Class:                Varies 
Graduation Fee:        $210
Registration Fee/Course Selection Fee: $150
Fundraising Fee: $300
Tuition Assistance
Although tuition continues to be an excellent value as compared to the tuition in other dioceses and private schools, we realize that it puts a serious strain on some budgets. There are a number of ways in which parents can apply for tuition assistance, such as the following: 
Tap and Blocs are awarded through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
Also check on the Financial Aid & Scholarships tab.

Catholic Students


Non-Catholic Students


All Tuition for the 2018-19 school year will begin to be collected using FACTS in June 2018.  Tuition for 2017-18 is still being collected through Smart Tuition at:
Tuition Payments
Please contact Ms. Kimberlee Steward, Tuition Advisor, at 215-624-6840 x 231 or with questions.