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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

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Tuition and Fees

The Value of a St. Hubert Education


A St. Hubert Catholic education is an investment in your daughter’s future.  We understand the significant commitment each family makes to provide their daughter with a quality Catholic education that equips them for their future. 


We at St. Hubert are committed to making our educational opportunities available to families regardless of their financial resources.


We recognize that sending your daughter to St. Hubert is a financial commitment, and therefore we work to ease tuition payment whenever possible through scholarships and financial aid.


2022-23 Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2022-23 school year by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as follows:
Student Rate for one student:  $8,350.00
School  Fee:                             $1,325.00

Additional Fees


 Mandatory Fundraising Fee: $300/yr. for one student & $450/yr. for two or more students


 Registration Fee:                    $200/yr.


Athletic Fee(s)**

            1st Sport:                      $225

            2nd Sport:                     $175

            3rd Sport:                     $150


Robotics Fee**:                          TBD


Theater Fee**:                           $180




 **These fees are only added if your daughter joins a sport or Robotics**


Tuition Billing
  • Tuition & school fees can be collected in 4 different ways.
    • Annual payment plan
    • Semi annual payment plan 
    • Quarterly payment plan
    • Monthly payment plan (11 payments June through April)
  • There is an annual fee of $42 for monthly payment plan, $15 for semi-annual payment plan and no charge for payments made in full for the year,
  • Tuition monthly payments can be set for the 1st or 15th of the month
For additional information about financial aid and scholarships please visit our financial aid page or contact 
Kimberlee Steward
Tuition/Financial Aid Advisor
215-624-6840 ext. 1522