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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

Affording St. Hubert

Affording St. Hubert
Our tuition rate for the  2018-19 school year is $7,550 for Catholic students and $7,800 for non-Catholic students. Families with three or more students in a diocesan high school will continue to receive discounted parental tuition.  You can find the rates on the form below.
In addition to tuition, the school has the following fees: 
                                 School Fee - $825 is applied in June to your FACTS Tuition account.
This fee covers a variety of school services: technology, tests, labs, Calling Echo (yearbook), religious and cultural programs, locker rental, student handbooks, Theology textbooks, an English workbook, student insurance & ID cards. 
Athletic Fee:    $210 for the first sport -- $160 for the second sport -- $135 for a third sport
                     Music/Art Academy: $125 (one time fee for members of Art, Orchestra, Chorus, Hand Bell Choir, Dance and/or Drama)
Mathletes:                 $30
Robotics:                  $125
 AP Class:                Varies 
Graduation Fee:        $210
Registration Fee/Course Selection Fee: $150
Fundraising Fee: $300
All Tuition for the 2018-19 school year will begin to be collected using FACTS in June 2018!!!!!
For additional information regarding Financial Assistance please refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships tab or you may contact:
Kimberlee Steward
St. Hubert Tuition Advisor
215-624-6840 x-231