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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

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The guidance office offers college and career counseling services as well as personal, social and emotional counseling when needed. The guidance staff is here to foster a supportive environment for students in order for them to recognize their interests, abilities, and educational needs. Counselors encourage students to see the importance of responsible learning in the classes as a basis for life now and in the future.  Our hope is that students will understand and accept themselves as unique individuals.

The guidance office has not only two full-time counselors on staff but also counselors from CORA Services and Catapult Learning.  The CORA and Catapult counselors assist the office with any type of personal or social issue the students may be having.




Jessica Cunningham, Guidance Director

Sister Meg Fleming, IHM, LPC Counselor

Lauren DiBelius, CORA Counselor

Michele Levine, CATAPULT Counselor

Anastasia Muya, CORA School Psychologist

Sister Mary Gough, IHM, Guidance Secretary


Case Load

Mrs. Cunningham—Seniors last names M-Z, Juniors last names M-Z

Sister Meg—Seniors last names A-L, Juniors last names A-L

Lauren DiBelius —All Freshmen