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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

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Mathematics Department Chairperson:

Ms. Mary Reil

Mathematics Department Faculty:
Mrs. Mary Clifford
Mrs. Kristie McGovern
Ms. Sharon O'Hanlon

Mathematics Courses offered at St. Hubert:

Level                   Grade 9                Grade 10                 Grade 11                                           Grade 12

Honors A         Alg 1       -->      Geo          -->        Alg 2                   -->        Trig/Pre-Calc; H Statistics


Honors B         Geo          -->     Alg 2         -->      Trig./Pre-Calc      -->        AP Calc; H Statistics



Honors C         Alg 1       -->     Alg 2          -->        Trig/Pre-Calc      -->       AP Calc; H. Statistics



CP                     Alg 1        -->    Geo            -->        Alg 2                     -->      Trig/Pre-Calc;


                                                                                                                    Trig/Analytic Geometry


In order for students to take AP Calculus, there are a few options for freshmen. If her elementary school has Honors Math and the student passed the Diocesan Algebra exam, then she may take Honors Geometry as a freshman and take AP Calculus in senior year. If her elementary school does not have Honors Math or the student did not pass the Diocesan Algebra exam, then she may double up on Math in sophomore year. Students who take two math courses in sophomore year are required to take AP Calculus as a senior.


All students are required to have a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator (models 83, 83+, 84, or 84+).


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