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Yellowbird Routes

Their are lots of ways to travel to St. Hubert.  We are excited to announce that we will be utilizing bus service through Yellowbird for students coming from various locations.  Below are current Pickup and Drop Off Locations.  
Yellowbird Bus #1 
Pick up and Drop off locations (Tentative pick up times)
1.  17th  & Oregon at 6:20 am
2.  22nd & Ellsworth at 6:28 am
3.  5th & Girard at 6:48 am
4.  Frankford & Palmer at 6:54 am
5.  Frankford & Montgomery at 6:57 am
6.  Frankford & York at 6:58 am
7.  Richmond & Allegheny at 7:10 am
8.  Richmond & Orthodox at 7:23am
Yellowbird Bus #2
1. Maternity BVM at 6:20am
2. Saint Christopher at 6:30am
3. Saint Anselm at 6:40am
4. Our Lady of Calvary at 6:50am
5. Saint Martha at 7:00am
6. Christ the King at 7:10am
7. Saint Katherine of Siena at 7:20
We have a few payment plans available to pay for this service.
Annual payment of $1,500 for round trip or $750 for one way (July)
Semi-Annual payment of $750 for round trip or $375 for one way (July & January)
Quarterly payment of $375 for round trip or $187.50 for one way (July, October, January & March)
Monthly payment of $150 for round trip or $75.00 for one way (10 payments; July-April)
**** Routes and prices are subject to change for 2023-2024 school year.
If you a new family looking for more information please contact Mrs. Jennifer Danford, Director of Admissions at 215-624-6840 ext. 1520 or email [email protected]
Current students who have questions regarding Yellowbird routes and locations please contact Mrs. Patricia Dougherty, Assistant Principal Student Services at [email protected]
If you have questions regarding payments please contact Ms. Kim Steward, Tuition/Financial Aid Advisor at [email protected]