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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

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We Take Safety Seriously! Featured Photo

We Take Safety Seriously!

Saint Hubert takes safety seriously! From cameras to, coded door locks, our supportive security guard and more! View our recent photos to see the new additions on behalf of school safety.

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St. Hubert Facts

  • 8KService Hours
  • sports 14 Varsity Sportslargest women's athletic program
  • transcripts 10 AP/35 HonorsCourses
  • Over 20 millionin scholarships and grants
  • iccampusportal 99%attend higher education
  • gradcap 31Kalumnae
  • handshake 5 college partnershipson campus and diocesan scholars
  • 20:1student to teacher ratio
  • 1:1chrome books
  • 166Scholar Athletes
  • 52All Catholics Athletes
  • music 4All Catholic Musicians
  • art 3 time award winningPhiladelphia Museum of Art