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St.HubertCatholic High School For Girls

Family & Consumer Sciences » Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science Chairperson:
Mrs. Mary Green
Family and Consumer Science Courses offered at St. Hubert:

Senior/Junior Courses:
  • Clothing and Textiles I
Senior Courses:
  • Clothing and Textiles II
  • Nutrition / Child Development
Clothing and Textiles I and II:
These courses are designed to help students acquire the information and skills related to clothing problems. Students learn how to operate the sewing machine, to read a pattern, and to develop a good idea of fashion and design. The courses also provide students with an in-depth study of the fundamental elements of design and of man-made and synthetic fibers to help students purchase fabric and ready-made clothing.
The purpose of the course is to provide a basic foundation in the science of nutrition, and to show how nutrition can be applied to dietary selection of foods with simultaneous consideration of economic, psychological, social and cultural factors. The course gives a great deal of information that is useful and necessary for those students who are thinking about future study in any health related field.
Child Development:

The major aim of the Child Development course is to focus attention on the young child as a unique individual. The course follows an in-depth study of pre-natal development and birth, and then progresses to the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of the child from infancy to age six. The student, through a better understanding of children, should come to a better understanding of herself. The course also serves as a preparation for parenthood.